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The Typical Story

Tell me if this sounds familiar:
You decide to take up the banjo. You get the basics down. You get a few tunes under your belt, and things are going pretty good. Maybe you've even learned a tune you always wanted to learn.
But then you get stuck. And you don't quite know what to do next. You see certain players who seem to play effortlessly, who can pick out a tune by ear with ease, improvise on the fly, or make themselves at home in any musical situation
You wouldn't mind being able to do that, too. Yet, you know that doing so requires developing skills you don't currently have. Some might have you believe they're skills that can't even be taught.
And even if they could be taught, there don't seem to be any teachers that teach them. 

The Better Story

The above story is one that plays itself out in homes across the world every day. 

Virtually every expert banjoist will tell you that to get beyond the a beginner to intermediate level of playing, to develop fluency on the instrument, requires that you be able to play by ear. Tab and other forms of notation are a great way to get going, but are just a tool, and the best music making comes when you're able to develop and use your ear to the fullest

The problem is that it's something that's never taught. I know, because for years I looked for someone or something that would teach it. Even those who tell you that you should play that way don't teach you to play that way

Needless to say, there was a big gaping hole when it came to banjo instructional material. 

This course was developed to plug that hole, to give you the tools you need to develop your ear and achieve what you've probably thought was impossible. 

Words from The Converted

"I have been playing banjo for years but found myself strictly relying on tablature. I could memorize songs but they sounded clunky  and jarring...Now I can think the song in my head and my hands make the music. I am amazed at how easy it is. "

Joshua B.

course member, recovering tab addict

"This course has given me the courage to tackle tunes and techniques I would've thought were beyond me."

Henry N.

course member

"I'm so loving your course. Haven't been this excited about something in a long time."

Kurosh S.

course member, master didgeridoo maker

Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside
The Playing Clawhammer By Ear Course
(take a tour of the course contents with the video above)

  • Step by step system for picking out melodies by ear - includes the "Finding the Melody" lesson video along with a set of guided practice exercises for testing your melody finding skills. 
  • Step by step system for finding the chord progression - includes the "Hearing the Chords" lesson video, along with a set of guided practice exercises for testing your melody finding skills.
  • Step by step system for building a basic clawhammer arrangement. Learn how to use your newfound ability to find the melody and chord progression and turn that into a clawhammer arrangment.
  • Step by step system for building a complete, "performance level" clawhammer arrangment in any style, along with 9 different "building a full arrangement" tune challenges to test your skills. 
  • All in all, it's over 4 hours of video, tons of exercises to test your ear skills, a 23 page PDF book on "Building A Complete Clawhammer Arrangement From Scratch," and more, all of which you can view instantly after joining. Altogether, it's a $127 value if purchased separatelyYou can also download the lessons to save on any computer or other device.