I want the masters of clawhammer banjo course with adam hurt

Peer Inside The Brain Of A Master

The fundamental mission of Brainjo is to create teaching materials that utilize the two greatest sources of knowledge pertaining to learning music:

         1) The science of learning and neuroplasticity, and

         2) The masters of music themselves

Because the most effective teaching doesn't just tell you what what to learn, but how to learn it.

And by definition, those who have mastered a musical instrument are also masters of the learning process. So there is much to be learned from studying their story, their methods, and the music they make.

Another arm of the Brainjo mission is to create a vehicle through which we can learn from, showcase, and support the artists making the music we love to listen to and play - a way of helping to ensure that this style and this music we love not only lives on, but thrives.

           The Masters of Clawhammer Banjo series is a central part of that effort. 

Benefits Of This Course

WIth the Masters of Clawhammer Banjo with Adam Hurt Course, you'll get to:
        ~ EXPLORE in-depth an artist's path to mastery
        ~ LEARN the elements of Adam Hurt's style and technique, so that you can then incorporate them                 into your own playing
        ~ LEARN 10 of Adam's signature tunes, whether you're a late beginner to advanced player
        ~ LISTEN to an exclusive, professionally recorded video concert from Adam, and download the                          entire concert album to listen to whenever.
      ~ SUPPORT ADAM!  With your purchase, you'll be supporting a                                             phenomenal artist and human being, as well as the music we love so                         much.

Here's What's Inside The Course

  • The "Autopsy":  A 2 hour interview with Adam where we dig in deep to his path to mastery. Hear about the masters who inspired Adam, his early struggles with music, the elements of his signature sound, his ideal banjo components and setup specs, practice tips, and more...
  • The Concert:  Hear Adam play 10 of his signature tunes, a fantastic showcase of the breadth and beauty of his playing, and a perfect body of work for further study. 
  • Tablature:  All 10 tunes are tabbed out as Adam plays them. For those not in possession of the full range of techniques Adam uses, there are Brainjo level 2 versions for each tune as well. Altogether, there are 20 great arrangements to choose from, compiled in a downloadable book (tabledit versions of all tabs are also available). 
  • Tune Tutorial videos: All of Adam's tunes tunes - both the performance and Brainjo level 2 arrangements - are played with close ups of each hand, in slow motion, and in tandem with the tablature. CLICK HERE FOR A SAMPLE!
  • The Style "Dissection": An in-depth video analysis of the elements of Adam's innovative and exquisite style of playing.
  • Tune By Tune Analysis: A detailed look at how these signature elements are used in each tune. 
  • The Album: All the concert tunes are also packaged as an album for download. A Brainjo Productions exclusive!
  • Altogether, a $105.00 value if sold individually. 

Still Not Sure?

No Worries. The Course Comes With A Full

Money-Back Guarantee

If you don't feel like the course was worth every penny, just let me ( know any time for a full refund. 

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I look forward to sharing this great course with you. Enjoy!

Josh at Brainjo